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Kamen Rider Bikerz

Rider Machines

Rider Machines are motorcycles that serve as the primary mode of transportation for Kamen Riders. They also assist the rider in battle, usually during fights on the road or to catch enemies that are too fast for traveling on foot. Most of the series have the vehicles that can be used in either human or rider form while others can be regular motorcycles that assume a stronger form when the Rider transforms.


During the Showa Era Rider Machines were mainly produced by Suzuki. In Kamen Rider Super-1, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company manufactured the Rider Machine for its protagonist. In Kamen Rider Agito, Honda gradually took over as the primary manufacturer, with a single Ducati model used by the secondary protagonist ofKamen Rider Double.

Only one bike thats sponsored by yamaha company thats is Beat Gouram a prototype from YmahaVmax.

Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2009

Kamen Rider Black

Battlehopper- SUZUKI RA125

Road Sector- SUZUKI GSX R400

Kamen Rider Black RX
1. Acrobatter- Suzuki RH250

Kamen Rider Kuuga
1.Beat Chaser/Try Chaser

2.Beat Gouram- YAMAHA VMAX
Rising Beat Gouram

Kamen Rider Agito
1. Machine Tornador- Honda FireStorm VTR 1000F

Agito Tornador

1.Gills Raider-Honda XR250
Guard Chaser- Honda X4

Kamen Rider Another Agito

Kamen Rider Ryuki
1.Ride Shooter


Kamen Rider Knight
Dragon Cycle and Wing Cycle (Deluxe)

Alternative Zero

Kamen Rider 555
Autovajin/ SB555V- Honda XR250

Autovajin Battle Mode

Jet Sliger/SB-VXD- Honda CB1300SF
All Rider Of Kamen Rider 555

Kamen Rider Kaixa
Side Basshar- Honda 1300SF

Side Basshar Battle Mode

Riot Trooper
SB-RTV Gyro Attacker (Honda XR250)

Kamen Rider Blade
Blue Spader

Kamen Rider Garren
Red Rhombus

Kamen Rider Chalice
Shadow Chaser-Honda XR250

Kamen Rider Leangle
Green Clover

3Ace Bike

Kamen Rider Hibiki
Gaika-Onteki Oni-Honda Valkyrie Rune 1832cc

Kamen Rider Ibuki
Tatsumaki(Tornado)-Onteki Oni-Honda Shadow

Kamen Rider Kabuto
Kabuto Extender-Honda CBR 1000RR

Kabuto Extender Cast Off Mode

Kamen Rider Gattack
Gattack Extender-

Kamen Rider Zabee
Machine Zectron-Honda CBR1000RR

Kamen Rider Den-O
Den-Bird-Honda XR250

New Den-Bird

Kamen Rider Zeronos
Machine ZeroHorn-Honda XR250

Kamen Rider Gaoh

Kamen Rider Kiva
- Machine Kivaa- Honda Shadow 750

Kamen Rider Ixa
Ixallion - Honda CBR 1000RR

Kamen Rider Decade
Machine Decader- Honda DN-01

Kamen Rider Double (W) 
Hardboilder- Honda CBR 1000RR 2009

Kamen Rider Skull
Skullboilder- Honda CBR 1000RR

Kamen Rider Accel 
Diablossa- Ducati 

Accel Bike Form

Kamen Rider OOO
Ride Vender 
Kamen Rider G
Unknown- maybe Honda XR250

Kamen Rider Fourze
Machine Masshigura

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